For part of this month 10-20 November, since my return from the Usumacinta and Palizada Rivers, I have properly spent time recovering.  Regaining strength.  I have done what I needed to not what I thought I should be do.  I have mostly spent time sleeping, eating and reading.  I highly recommend it.  I guess though I am fortune to be in the position to have time to do this.  We should all make real time for ourselves.

At first it felt like I was wasting days, but then I realised recovery is not a waste but a vitally important way to spend time.  I used to think it was possible to jump directly from one activity to another leaving no time in between activities for myself, but now I know that you have to take the time when your body says it needs it not when the fast paced world says we are “allowed” some time off.  When “fitting in” scheduled recovery time the brain does not really switch off or heal. It’s still thinking about a million and 1 other things too.  When taking required recovery time the brain can heal.


1 thought on “Recovery

  1. Very wise words, Catherine… This is an important lesson in life that I never quite seem to learn!


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