Into the jungle…..

brown canoe boat on body of water
Photo by Min An on

I’m now in final preparation for going on my Usumacinta river expedition. For you all this means no communication from me for 2 weeks.
Obviously the trip organiser has my next of kin details so all emergency stuff is taken care of.
Allowing for mother nature and for unknowns eventualities I should still be back in touch again by about 20 November.


10 thoughts on “Into the jungle…..

  1. Have you bought yourself a machete yet? Friends bought one years ago and stilll use it as a kitchen knife today.

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    1. I’ve not bought one… but I have one that I borrowed, packed in my kit bag…!


  2. What kind of boat are you on? Are you camping on the shore? Should see amazing wildlife.🦋🐾

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    1. We will be moving downstream in canoes. Two x 3 person canoes and then camping in our hammocks at appropriate places. In small communities most frequently.
      I think/have been advised there will be many birds, fish and mammals (specifically monkeys). Looking forward to it.


    2. Yes. Much amazing wildlife. Aves (🐦birds), libalula (dragonflies), butterflies and árbol (🌳🌴trees), flores (🌷🌸🌺flowers), some monkeys and iguanas 🐒🐵&🐊. Stunning.


  3. We’ll all be thinking about you Catherine. No need to say the obvious about taking care…. But take care!

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    1. … Sandy et al… hopefully you will have seen the subsequent post so you know I made it out safely.


  4. Machete (or parang) is an excellent piece of jungle kit. So is dental floss/needle (I kid you not!) – very compact & useful for running repairs to gear/clothes/etc which tend to suffer in the heat/humidity (you can even clean your teeth with it if you must!)


    1. Hey Will, great to hear from you. Thanks for the top tips. We certainly had machetes, and fortunately did not need to make any repairs… As you can see from the subsequent post I survived. Hope you are keeping well. C


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