Daily life for the last 3 weeks.

20180913_101050What have I been doing in Campeche?

I have been here over 3 full weeks now so I can now give you plenty details. On a weekly basis we have a number of events at Xaman Ex (Mayan for north star) our cultural house, community centre and accommodation. Including; 

-Tuesday 1800-1900. English exchange with coffee & cake, as a native English speaker I lead small group conversations on agreed topics. (link to pic in the FB page to follow)

 -Thursdays typically 1800-2000. Workshop on various topics “zero waste” (link) & “essential oils” (link) so far I listen and take vocabulary notes.

-Friday 1600-1730. Green explorers, an Spanish/English play session for kids 3-10 years old. I help prepare the information and where I can with the session.

-Saturday 0800-1400 set up and be present at Mercado Verde (link), this is a green market for many green / sustainable / responsible producers and businesses of Campeche.  Also see Vive Verde (link) and Huerto Urbano (pictures of plants above)(link). 20180929 - from others - FB_IMG_1538240049280

-Three days a week we host a local yoga session.  I have been once and learned the Spanish for yoga terms like inhale and exhale.  Head, shoulders, hands and feet.  It’s fortunate I have done yoga for 2 years because otherwise I would have struggled to follow the class (pic to follow).  

-On a daily basis, between 1230-1330 we take it in turns to collect compostable food waste from 5 local restaurants that are in the “Green Collective” for Jon & Amy’s chickens (pic).

-Also perhaps twice a month Jon Bonfiglio Central America correspondent for UK talk radio speaks to Paul Ross on current affairs. (for example http://talkradio.co.uk/radio/listen-again/1534291200 – specifically between 03:00-03:30).  

-The rest of my/our “working” days are spent I  the office between 09:00 and 15:00 are spent preparing for / researching into the above noted events and topics.  20181018_103108 - habituating - in the office 158 calle 10.

-I imagine there is also so much more going on that I’m not yet even aware of.

Key tasks on my agenda are;

  1. to research into local botanicals chaya, moringa, neem, purslane, aloe & lemongrass (pic above).
  2. Learning about mp3 & wva & other audio formats to create a library of the Talk Radio pieces.
  3. Creating a handbook for the Xaman Ek accommodation (now published see link)
  4. Keeping on top of the recycling at Xaman Ek, it’s been overlooked for a few months as there have been a series of short stay volunteers. Entonces, now that I’m here it’s going to get sorted. Tidied and on the straight and narrow.
  5. Sorting a myriad of glass jars either for reuse or repurposing.20181013_100605
  6. Keeping crates packed and stocked for the various activities so that all necessary items can be transported from venue to venue with relative ease.
  7. Spanish lessons, including specific vocabulary for all the stock we sell at the Mercado Verde.
  8. Helping develop the Green Explorers activities and being an English speaker there to aid with the bilingual aspect of the club.
  9. Preparing for the Usumacinta River expedition, I am currently checking the first aid kits are in date; visually acceptable; and categorising.
  10. Maintaining the shop at Xaman Ek.


Details of the city itself will follow. It’s not on the UK tourist  route. But it is a lovely place and great if you know a bit of Spanish and want to see the real Mexico. Now, I’m not going to lie there are a few carbuncles, but that’s the same everywhere else…. Until next time, hasta luego.




3 thoughts on “Daily life for the last 3 weeks.

  1. Busy lady. You are doing a lot of good work out there.


  2. Sounds like all is going well and you are settling in.


    1. Hiya yes – having a good time. been in Mexico just over 1 month already now…


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