My new best friends

20181009_143313 - for my blog taken - my 4 best friends - at Xaman Ek

Se llaman aloe vera, calamine lotion, lavender soap y bug spray. Don’t get me wrong the people are lovely too (more about them later), but these have far and away made my transition to mosquito central (I mean Central America) the most manageable. Details of the essential routine are; 2 showers a day, apply calamine lotion then wash off with natural lavender soap. Dry, closely followed by a generous application of bug spray and, as often as possible being near a fan on full blast (especially through the night) a little noise is more manageable than the irritation. Believe me.

Now I don’t want to curse the situation, but it seems The Bugs appear to be in decline, they go in cycles, and also we have taken essential / drastic measures in the house to keep Them at bay. No pools of water. Squeegee-ing the bathroom after every use. No soaking dishes. Fans all over the place. Short grass. Controlled garden planting.

The people. As I write this one (on Tuesday evening 18 Sept) I haven’t yet met everyone. But the key people I have met are Amy, Harriet, Pedro, Flossie, Lau, Danielle, Marcos & Thea (our dog).  As Flossie & Perdo have now said their final goodbyes here is a nice pic.


2 thoughts on “My new best friends

  1. Flea.
    Flea fly.
    Flea fly mosquito.
    Oh, no no no more mosquitoes.
    Itchy itchy, scratchy scratchy, oh, I got one down my backy.
    Beat that big bad bug with the bug spray.

    Flea, fly
    Flea, fly mosquito
    Calamine, calamine, calamine lotion
    Oh, no more calamine lotion
    Itchy, itchy, scratchy, scratchy, got one on my backy, backy
    Eck goes the bug when you hit it with the bug spray
    Ready?? SSSSHHHH!!

    _ not the lyrics i remember but should keep you busy.


  2. Sandy Bremner Sep 27, 2018 — 6:14 pm

    Good luck in the continuing battle with the bugs, though it sounds as if you’re winning!


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