First days in Mexico – Casa nona apartment – Cancun

Day 0 – Where to start…  I arrived.  It was a long day travelling, 22 hours in total.  By the time I got to Cancun International airport, found my hosts Ramon Moralez y su esposa (and his wife)  got to my apartment “Casa Nona” (link) in the Quetzales region of downtown Cancun, and unpacked I had already been up 16 hours.  So I had a short snooze.  However the day did not end there my hosts invited me for a short orientation around the local facilities (where to get buses, taxis, how to get to the supermarket, local shops and tourist beach “Hotel Zone” etc).

In my tired state I managed to navigate my way around the supermarket all in Spanish and bought items for continental breakfasts, sandwich lunches, portable snacks for on trips, and ingredients for cooking my own dinners.  Oh and a few bottles of Corona (hecho en Mexico = is made in Mexico) so I thought it rude not to!

I got home, cooked then ate my dinner on my balcony with a cerveza (beer) while watching lightening flash over the bay.  Then went to bed happy.

Day 1 – woke really early (clearly still on UK time) went back to sleep.  Woke at a more reasonable time.  My tasks for today have been… (1) To be mindful, know that normally routine things will take longer than expect as I do not know where things are (2) Get accustomed to my surroundings (3) Plan some tourist activities for these few days in Cancun.  I have settled on Isla Mujeres (link) & Xel-Ha (link) and the local beach in the “hotel zone” (4) Check in with emails and correspondence maybe even a WhatsApp phone call to my parents then (5) Write this blog.

The additional mindful things I did today were to watch a small bird building its nest outside my bathroom window and to listen to a local musician practicing in his garage.  Speak later…  C.

You know you’re in Mexico with…  a sombrero that suits your travel mascot…


… with a cerveza – not a flattering picture but to be fair I had been up 21 hours by this time…



4 thoughts on “First days in Mexico – Casa nona apartment – Cancun

  1. Good idea to get acclimatised before going to Campeche. Enjoy your few days of rest and relaxation.


    1. It is funny how in UK (in “normal” life) you feel you should always be doing something. I’m fighting that feeling as strongly as I can. Just being is enough for me for now. And anyway I’ve an early start tomorrow to get to Xel-ha (pronounced shell-ha).


  2. Sounds like a great start to your epic travels.

    Tropical thunderstorms are some of the most amazing especially sat on balcony watching them.


    1. I am quite glad it was lightning only and not thunder. I know I will experience a serious dose of thunder soon. But maybe not just yet.. Aside that, weather is a lovely 28°c today. Perfect.


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